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{Lamb Organs}

Prices are for the individual Organs in their package, and can vary in weight:

  • Heart, Tongue, and Kidneys, are typically 2oz – 4oz
  • Liver is typically 8oz-16oz

Our lamb is processed and hung at the processor for a perfect balance of tender aging, flavor, and color. Thanks to the fantastic quality of frozen packaging and freezer labels, you can store them up to a year or more. Hawkfield Manor Lamb is Grass-fed, Grass-finished, has No added Hormones and No added Antibiotics. This means you can count on the lamb having only healthy fats, their gut being pure up to the point of processing and free of harmful bacteria, and no hormones or antibiotics to be sure nothing unwanted is consumed by you or your family and friends. Grass-fed lamb grows much slower and more naturally than grained or corn-fed lamb, and often when processed they yield less than a grain fed lamb. This brings up the cost of raising the cow, and therefore its value. While not for everyone, we love our grass-fed lamb and we hope you will too. To find out more about our practices, feel free to browse our website and learn more about Hawkfield Manor, or send us an email at

*Notes: Weights are approximate, but we make every effort to make sure the weight is as much or more than what you paid for.

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Organ Meats

Heart, Liver, Kidney, Tongue


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