Chickens – Stew Pot {Poultry}



Whole Stew Pot Chickens Weigh an average of 2lbs each. They are 2 years old and perfect for making nutritious broths and soups.

Our chickens are raised here at Hawkfield Manor using Non-GMO feeds from Hurdle Mills Feed Co. or Barrier Farms. On our farm, we have 2 mobile shelters with perches for evening roosting, but during the day the chickens exit to wander the farm pastures and woods areas. Our chicks are not vaccinated at the Hatchery, and we use ACV in their water for health purposes.

Hawkfield Manor holds a Poultry Handlers Permit, allowing us to process chickens on our farm according to NC regulations. Our farm is inspected twice a year for the permit, our water is tested, and our poultry is labeled according to state standards.

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