Hawkfield Manor Anatolians

2022 Litter ~ Estimated Due Date: Christmas/Holiday Season

Transporting available with an accepted application

Parents and Grandparents Hip & Elbow tested

Every Puppy is Microchipped, Vet-Checked, and up to date on vaccinations and dewormer.

We have 2 Contract Options:

1) Spay/Neuter Contract
2) Intent To Breed Contract

2021-2022 Anatolian Puppy Litter #1: New Names

  • Purple Girl – Leyla {VA}
  • Green Boy – Murdock {PA}
  • Pink Girl – Yael {NC}
  • Blue Boy – Gouda {NY}
  • Grey Girl – Anastasia {TX}
  • Yellow Girl – Yrsa {VA}
  • Red Boy – Rip {NC}
  • Orange Boy – Angus {NC}
  • Black Boy – Axel {NC}



{Purple Girl} *UNAVAILABLE*

She is Definitely the Oldest! Shes big and a bit bossy with her younger sisters, but she’s the most affectionate and people-oriented of the girls. She’s got a bit of a darker coat and face like Esther, is bigger boned like Golem, and has given us her paw since she could barely walk which has been a precious sign of devotion. She is more social, so she wants to be with the goats, close to the hens, close to her siblings, or playing with her mama.


He has always been the passive darling of the litter. He avoids conflict and roughhousing with his siblings. He is a very intent watcher and seems to feel it is his calling to be out and away from the group, watching for danger, keeping an eye on his littermates and parents from a distance. He is definitely playful at times, but as a serious Guardian, his strength lies at being a watchman and doing border patrol. He isn’t pushy and needy…he waits for you to make eye contact and acknowledge him before he approaches for affection. Careful though! Once in snuggle mode, he ADORES a good chest/neck rub and with this face you will have a hard time stopping!


She is the adventurous, fearless, Runt of the pack. She’s always been a compact ball of fire. She was always whiny as a newborn pup, but once her eyes opened and she became more mobile, she was anything but whiny and timid. She was the first to approach the hens for a good sniff. She was the first to crawl out of the pup den/shed. She watched with fascination the closest when the goats came into her world. She was the first to get a bump on the noggin from Daisy when she got too close while rambunctious. She Adores Esther and they have a bond that is simply uncanny. As she has grown, she is most often out doing border patrol with mom, watching the goats and surrounding areas with mom, and waiting to eat until her siblings have all eaten just like mom. 75% of the photos I take of her, include Esther. Our love for her grew, as she was not initially our pick of the litter…but by 8 weeks we knew.
Her name is Yael (Judges 4), and means “Mountain Goat”. She will be staying to guard Hawkfield Manor along with Golem and Esther.


Blue Boy is incredibly sweet and playful but takes guarding quite seriously. He likes to come close for some love, then back to his guarding duties. These include doing border patrol, laying down in the pasture with the best view, or sitting and listening to the sounds around. In structure he is much more Turkish…big boned and lean, giving the appearance of physically being one of the bigger boys while weighing less. We look forward to following his future guarding abilities here on our farm, and as he goes to his new farm/family.


She has been a family favorite, gaining her the beloved name, “Bridget”. She is incredibly sweet, and one of the gentlest of the litter. She has a little white “splotch” on her nose, a nod to her daddy Golem who was the only one of his litter that had a splash of white on his muzzle. It is incredibly endearing to us, and subsequently, his daughter Grey Girl’s marking is as well. She good naturedly runs with her sisters when we take the girls on a walk, is focused on the task at hand, and likes to go off on her own investigating. She is one of the more submissive of the pups and has zero food aggression because of it; she quietly waits until the bowls are less crowded and then helps herself. She had a pediatric heart murmur as a young pup, and we are delighted to share that it has completely resolved according to our vet! Now that she has a clean bill of health, we are excited to deem her available with full breeding contract if desired.

{Yellow Girl} *UNAVAILABLE*

She has surpassed what we thought was possible for an LGD puppy. From an incredibly young age she has had a way with the goats unlike any of her siblings. She is a well-rounded puppy that was submissive while young but holds her own as she has grown up, and now enjoys being one of the bigger girls that is steadfast, and her presence is respected with her littermates. She chooses often to go lay with Daisy or Fern and knows how to stay out of Mongo’s way. She is concerned if they are out of her sight, but doesn’t harass them; as long as they are visible, and she knows they are safe, she feels free to relax. She is gentle and calm with our kids including Benjamin, and despite teething is one of the least-mouthy of the pups. We are so excited to see her grow and go, and bless another farm with her skills as an Anatolian Shepherd Dog.


He is such a darling…one of the first to run up to us, and always the last to leave us along with his sister, Purple Girl. They are our 2 lovebugs, and we know they will be devoted to their new moms/dads and their families. He definitely owns the food bowl, and loves loves loves to eat and snack. He doesn’t hesitate to start some shenanigans with his siblings with playfighting and scampering around. He loves a good snuggle too, and definitely loves snuggling with his mama, Esther. He stays out of the goats’ way for the most part, but is NOT ok with anything he feels could potentially mess with them! We love seeing his big self being a total lovebug and then switching gears to FULL LGD mode. He has a bright future ahead, and we secretly hope he will end up with a family/farm that will appreciate his affectionate big “Red” boy heart.

{Orange Boy} *UNAVAILABLE*

He was an absolute family favorite. He has been one of the biggest of the litter, but that didn’t affect his personality. He never was a bully, never aggressive, but his presence demands respect with his siblings. He is a big baby with us, and chill as can be…and a credit to his breed for his devotion to the livestock. He tends to avoid conflict with siblings, often looking deep in thought. He also LOVES to sleep, conserving energy and growing. His deep growl and short bark are a warning to anyone/anything he is concerned about, and show he means business! He was reserved as a much younger pup, and we are delighted with the farm he will be guarding for and growing old at.


He has been Emma’s (our 10-year-old daughter) favorite since he was born and has been duly spoiled by her. He is one of the most chill pups, and dislikes too much play with his siblings. When you’re one of 9 puppies, you either love the dog pile or you avoid it…he tends to avoid it! He is good natured with them in turn, and enjoys running with them and Esther getting excellent exercise. He shows a very calm demeanor around the poultry and goats, which is what we hope for as our pups grow and become more bonded with their livestock/poultry.

Spending Time with Golem