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Raising Poultry

From Freedom Rangers, to Delawares, and finally Sasso chicks, we have been shifting gears to find the ideal breed for our land.

We quickly found that solid color chicks stood out to predators, and our losses were devastating.

A shortage of the mainstream breeds lead us to try a breed that grows and ranges beautifully like the rangers, but is camouflaged by the leaf litter around our pastures and woods!

We hope you Enjoy these photos of the Hawkfield Manor poultry journey in 2022!

Delaware Chicks
Delaware Chicks
Freedom Rangers Chicks
Freedom Ranger Roosters
Benjamin filling the livestock trough for our layers and broilers
Delaware Roosters
Processed Freedom Rangers
Customers loving our Broilers
First Batch of Sasso Chicks
Growing Sasso chicks
Time to Free Range the Sasso chicks!
Delaware Roosters
Growing Sasso chicks rotated in the goat pasture
Delaware Roosters and Hens
Newest batch of Sasso Chicks have arrived!
Jon collecting the Sasso Chicks at the Post Office
Processed Delaware Roosters
The survivors were processed with a 75% loss rate from hawk predation during free ranging.
2nd batch of Sasso chicks are growing! Processing date is anticipated for January, 2023
Livestock Guardians saved the flocks from a new farm predator: A Fox family
Keeping Broiler feeding and Layer feeding separated is essential to make sure each flock gets the necessary nutrition. Free ranging together, the layers and broilers enjoy a diverse diet of bugs and vegetation
Sasso chicks are plumping up, set to be processed in November
ACV in their water
First Batch of Stew Pot Chickens (2 year old Golden Comet hens, NonGMO & Free Ranged)
The Stew pot chickens came in just a little smaller than the Delaware Roosters
January Sasso Chicks
Getting strong enough to Free Range full time!
Final Days to enjoy the autumn weather
Maintaining our poultry handlers permit by following NC state processing standards
Poultry crates help to keep the chickens calm before we place them in the cones
A sharp knife, and new cone!
Processing away from the view of our guardians is important. They need to view them as living charges to be protected…not seeing us handle, cone, kill, and process them
Chicken feet before being packaged and labeled
Frozen Chicken Feet
Proud of our label makers!! The labels look amazing!
Final week being guarded by Golem

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