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Egg Prices

We had MUCH to do this winter, creating fencing and readjusting our hens to the new farm. Last year’s feed price increases combined with sneaky hens freckling the property with their eggs in unknown hiding places, required us to raise prices much to our distress. We had hoped at the new farm we would see more egg production and less feed costs but this wasn’t the case, thus we kept our prices at $6.

The good news is that we believe in charging a FAIR price to our customers. Keeping our costs down doesn’t line our pockets, it makes your food more affordable.

This spring our hens are consistently laying in the nest boxes, they are consuming so much vegetation and bug life that they often neglect their feed bowls, and we have had many of our customers returning cartons or friends recycling cartons for us. All these contribute to bringing our costs down, and we are delighted to extend those savings to YOU!

While groceries may be going up in the store, for the time being we will be able to keep our egg prices at $5/dozen

We don’t know what the future holds, but hope the extra savings blesses you and your family.

Hope & Peace, Heather Hawkins @ Hawkfield Manor

Click here to purchase Eggs at $5/dozen for Local Delivery, Local Pickup, the Weekly Durham Farm Drop, or the Monthly Cary Farm Drop

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