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The Lamb

While I’m sure it seems that I MUST be about to write something of a religious content as it is coming up on Passover (aka Easter season), ironically our saga has almost nothing to do with the holiday(s)!

Yesterday a sweet set of twins was born to one of our barbados ewes. while she did an apparently wonderful job cleaning them both up initially, at some point she must have decided to reject one of her little boys. He was pretty weak, and his baaaaa was as loud as could be! The other ewes would head-but him once sniffing and realizing he wasn’t one of their own lambs, so he was getting pretty desperate. His mom would call him, he would make his way to her, but she wouldn’t let him nurse and she would then run off with the stronger brother.

Fern took an interest in him but really, she is about to have her own kid(s).

SO, back to the house he came for some love and affection from our children and our cousin! Emma gasped and almost fainted when she saw him in my arms as I walked through the door.

He took the bottle beautifully, and was coddled by everyone. They said his lamb poo looked like little semisweet chocolate baking pieces, and thank goodness for old linens to clean up some other “liquid” messes.

They did walk him a few times outside and he used the bathroom, even late into the night. I could tell Emma was worn out when I got up to make coffee. You know that frazzled “new mom” look when a woman has had a newborn that didn’t sleep all night? Yeah. Emma’s face was 100% new mom LOL! So we took him out to the pasture around 8:30am after the morning feeding.

He was doing great at noon for his next feeding, and this evening came back to the house for a few photos, to feed, and then Emma and I took him back out to the flock.

While they reject him, the other lambs don’t and he is able to still have that social interaction with them that is important.

While this is indeed an unfortunate circumstance that his mama rejected him, it is yet another reason I love these children growing up on a farm. Emma being able to have this experience is such a blessing, and the younger two absolutely adore having the little hooves pitter-pattering on our wood floors, and petting the little darling.

We hope to place him with a home soon, but in the meantime, will enjoy the bonding experience with “Cam” (Emma named him).

Peace & Hope,
Heather Hawkins


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