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Raleigh Beef Prices

There are some tools out there that we use when pricing our beef and lamb. It’s important to know what the market value is of our products, after all.

Comparing our new prices to this (January), we hope you can appreciate how we have tried our best to keep pricing competitive and fair at Hawkfield Manor.


We also want to note, that even grain-finished cows can be sold as Grass Fed. This means that a farmer can pasture his cattle, then pen them up and plump them up with corn and grains or silage, a month before processing. They legally can do this and market it as Grassfed, charging the maximum Grass-Fed Beef prices.

What can we say to this, except KNOW your farmer! Don’t just talk to them, as people can lie.

KNOW them.

Make the best choice for your family and pay a fair price for what you actually want: Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished Beef, with no added hormones or antibiotics.

Peace and Hope,
Heather Hawkins

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