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First Blog “here”

Jonathan and I are a great team. He is the animal whisperer (NOT kidding. Ask any of the farmers around here that have seen him get a bull loaded…). I used to be a CPA’s personal assistant, and had 2 internships as a teen doing admin work. I definitely do my share of farm work around here, and can say I give 100%. Jon also gives 100%, and this is why Hawkfield Manor exists.

But until pigs fly it will be me, Heather, making all the blog posts!

My BFF loves WordPress, and I was going bonkers every time I made a change on our Wix website. It just didn’t work for my brain or style.

So here we go…Here’s to a great new beginning at Hawkfield Manor! We have great hopes for 2022, and can’t wait to share with you as they become a reality.

Peace and Hope,
Heather Hawkins

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