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Yes, but NOT FAR!

We are thrilled to be moving to a new homestead. It has acreage for our Sheep, a few goats, a family milk cow, and our chickens. On a personal note, it is an amazing home for our family, with more rooms/square footage, and potential for add-ons.

Sadly, because of both timing and condition of the farm needing some work, we have made the difficult decision to dry up some of our milking livestock, and find new homes for the rest.

This will allow other families to have their needs met while the animals are in their current life cycle/season, and producing well.

Dolcy, Clover, and the dexter bull calf, will be headed down to a couple farms in southern NC that have similar farming practices to ours, and we visited last year.

Jason’s goats will be going to a family that are customers at Hawkfield Manor, and we know they will have a GREAT life and be cared for dearly.

While this has been a HARD decision, we are delighted with the homes all of them will be going to!

What about our beef??

We are thankful that our new home is not even a mile from where our cattle currently have been born and raised the past 11 years, and they won’t be moving! Well….they will…cause we rotate them! But the land we have been working with our cows for years, will continue to host our herds. Because of this, we will continue to offer grass-fed, grass-finished beef without pause or starting over on new land. Our sheep are currently still on those pastures too, and will stay there until we repair the perimeter fences on the new properties pasture and can bring them over.

The farm store will stay where it is for now, until we are fully moved in, and can setup the new store location on our property.

STAY TUNED for news on that, as we enter 2022

Our “Little Blue Tractor” came to live with us, and will be an incredible asset on the farm for those big jobs, and homestead improvements.

Golem and Esther will have free reign of the pastures of goats and sheep,

and we are SO thankful as the area has been having increased reports of coyote activity/packs, and this property is surrounded by woods.

Our anticipation is great, but we thankfully will not be moving until AFTER the holiday season. Boxes are being filled slowly but surely, and decluttering full-swing. The children are excited, and so are we.

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