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Fixing up the Barn

Our feed room was getting some unwanted attention and visitors…so we needed to enclose it better.

Normally I am not the one using equipment and wood/repairs. It felt good to be out on a project.

My Rancher and our oldest son (😁) were making a crazy awesome gate with rails/beams… Just a pasture away (Pics soon!). I am proud to say that I only once needed help and it was just a nail refill πŸ˜ƒ

The door and trough side needed securing as well…so on to that side….

The trough in the feed room is where we rest the egg basket often….and the donkeys/mule are naughty and crack eggs!!! I put a couple rough planks there too.

Finally, the back side of the feed room. Thankfully one beam and a few scraps were able to go the length!

The back door needed a reinforcement plank so that went up as well.

It feels good to be productive and make improvements on the farm 🏚️

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