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New Chicks!

It is Spring!

While I do try and manage to have self control with the Tractor Supply pullets, when I see an unusual layer chick batch I get hooked.

So….meet our new ladies…

I have been reading about and swooning for Olive Eggers for a year now, and couldn’t believe TS had them. My big blues got bigger, and my birthday is in 3 weeks…so, Jon agreed with conditions for a few purchases of his own 😆

Yes. We now have 2 brooders haha! Yay for chicks!

Already growing in our chick room, are 5 Golden Laced Wyandotte chicks, 12 Brahma chicks, and 6 Barred Rock chicks.

We had a rough winter with our hens, and wanted to freshen the flock with a variety of layers for 2021. I am over the moon for this little batch of 35 hens growing at Hawkfield Manor


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