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Picking Up Beef

Freezers loaded up and strapped down, we headed off to our butcher this morning to pick up our latest order of processed beef. There is always that moment of anticipation when you’re waiting on the loading dock… excitement and possible looming dread, LOL!

This time, we need not have worried. Everything was BEAUTIFUL. Not only is the packaging amazing, we love the weights being displayed!

Time to load up!

This time we changed up the order a bit….our steaks are smaller and a bit thicker. Our back ribs are in a big rack. The liver is cut differently, and the bones are not vacuum sealed…but I’m sure Golem and Esther won’t be too fussy about their bones!

Once home, the bigger ordeal happens. Time to move as quick as humanly possible, gently transfering from freezers to freezers, unloading the empty ones, to then plug them in and load THEM. Yep, its tough stuff. Sorting is fun for some of us (Heather & J) but T is great at getting the job done, and he was Heather’s helper this time.

Stay tuned for additional cuts of beef to go up in our online store, complete with new photos of the products. Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the chaos…we love what we do, and are excited to get this beef into freezers for your family to enjoy.

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