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Someone enjoying some Social Time

Esther has been enjoying her time back home…A bath, nail trim, and a check o n her ears, eyes, paws, and teeth…as well as playing with Queen (our elderly Border Collie). But most of all, being around us and our children.

The hope is to one day breed our lovely girl, if her health checks out in the next year. This will involve her being used to her collar/leash for Vet trips, and used to the rules and rhythm of our home when whelping/raising puppies

During her time as a guardian on our farm, she is always alert, high energy, and can be intense. You wouldn’t know that if you saw her in our home! We couldn’t be more pleased with her gentle, calm, and sweet temperament.

Soon she will be back out with Golem, guarding our flock. But in the meantime, we are all enjoying her presence here…especially me (Heather).

Peace & Hope,

Heather @ Hawkfield Manor

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